Smoke Get’s in Your Eyes by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD



Like puff the magic dragon, this effect is smoking hot and fast!

Unlike and other cigarette magic, you will learn how to produce not one, not two, not three but 4 lite cigarettes from thin air. The sleighs are so fast that your audience can keep up with you.

This cigarette manipulation is highly visible and can be performed on stage or close-up. The gimmick is so easy to make and with practice becomes seamless. The thought process used to create this effect is ingenious, making the hands appearing to be quicker than the eyes.

The production of the cigarettes is so smooth it will keep your audience on the edge of their seats wanting to see more.

Like fire coming from a dragon’s mouth, this illusion is fast and furious and keeps the magic in the puff!

Download the video and learn now!


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