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Ideal Card Stab Revelation

Ideal Card Stab Revelation

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Two cards are selected from a shuffled deck - one is signed - and both are returned and the deck shuffled by the magician.

An empty paper bag and a pocket knife are pulled from the magician's pocket before the deck is tossed inside. The magician shakes the bag to mix the cards making finding of the chosen card

even more impossible. The knife is opened and stabbed into and through the bag. The magician states that both cards will be on the knife
right before he violently rips the knife from the bag and a single card is impaled on the end of the blade. It is the signed card.

The magician looks confident as the crowd wonders why the second card was not on the blade.

The magician then turns over the knife to show the second card is printed onto the knife handle bringing the effect to a satisfying conclusion.
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