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Growing Die (Large)

Growing Die (Large)

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This is an improved version of the famous pocket trick, God Dice.  
We have made it in such a size that you can use it in your floor shows as well as carry it in your pocket and use it as a close-up miracle.  
It can be used as both close-up magic as well as a small conjuring number.  

The magician is seen to be holding a strange looking round object.  It looks very much like two black saucers held mouth to mouth.  
"This is a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) says the magician.  "I caught it the other night when I was loitering in my terrace".  

He then opens the UFO and inside is seen a very large die.  "This die was probably used by the people of Mars.  I found that it has some strange qualities".  
You cover the die with the plate.  "It shrinks as it comes in contact with the atmosphere".  So saying, you open the UFO once again and it is seen that the die has shrunk to about one third of its size.  

You cover it once again saying that it has penetration qualities too.  You tap at the top and lift the UFO and the die is seen to be resting on your palm, about one fifth of its previous size! 
Opening the UFO it is found to be absolutely empty inside. 

You can do the effect in the reverse order also.  Many other routines are possible limited by your imagination only.  
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