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Multiplying Sponge Hearts to Jumbo Mystery

Multiplying Sponge Hearts to Jumbo Mystery

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The performer starts by making sponge hearts appear and disappear in their hands. Then the hearts multiply in the spectator's own hands; one heart becomes two, two hearts become four.
And just when the spectator thinks the surprises couldn't get bigger or better, the four hearts are pushed into the performer's close hand to become one giant heart. 
It's a routine that All Heart!

Don't underestimate the reaction this routine gets. When the spectators open their hands they often gasp in delight and surprise.
We're sure it'll become one of your go-to effects when someone asks you to 'show me a trick.'

Magical Sponge Hearts is a fun close-up routine for weddings, Valentine's day, in fact, any party or celebration. It's so much more interesting than a standard sponge ball routine.

For a church worker, it’s a fun introduction to any talk on the topic of love or God’s heart. Use the effects to demonstrate how loves grow, how it should be shared, and how God's love is never-ending.

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