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Angelo Carbone

On Edge by Angelo Carbone

On Edge by Angelo Carbone

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It begins as a simple card castle, but ends with you effortlessly DEFYING GRAVITY! You will rewrite the laws of the universe with Angelo Carbone's On Edge.

Here's what happens: You build a house of cards. You build tension by methodically removing cards, one at a time. Just when you think it'll come crashing down like pulling the bottom block of a shaky Jenga tower, your house of cards will impossibly teeter on a single point - the laws of gravity momentarily suspended.

Even as the performer, every instinct within you will scream that this SHOULD NOT be possible. And yet somehow your house of cards will dance on a knife's edge.

Under your full control, an effortless touch from you will reignite gravity. The fragile house of cards come cascading down, in a visually stunning finish! A fitting finale to a surreal performance.

Unmatched features of On Edge:

  • No skill required: "On Edge" is even easier to build than an ordinary house of cards.
  • Any surface becomes your stage: Just use any non-slip surface, and you're ready to begin defying gravity.
  • Learn it immediately: Begin practicing right out of the box - no setup.
  • Ambidextrous design: Suitable for right or left-handed use.
  • Perform fully surrounded: Mesmerize an audience from all angles.

Discover a space where your imagination breaks reality - where you'll find yourself, defiantly standing, On Edge.

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