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Frontier Magic

The Bunny Box by Frontier Magic

The Bunny Box by Frontier Magic

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This is made of wood.  Nice quality.

Show a black slate with a rabbit sketched on it.
Put the slate into a slot in a wooden box, and open the front door of the box to show that the picture of the rabbit is the only thing in the box.
Close the door, and say the magic words.  
Open the box and take out a real, live rabbit.

This sturdy box is specially constructed to safely and securely produce a live animal.
The box is a generous 14" x 11" x 9", but it is recommended that you use a dwarf rabbit or a baby rabbit, rather than a large adult rabbit, for the comfort of the animal. 

The box is made of wood.
Size is 14" by 11" by 9".

Performance Ideas:
You could also use a live ferret or a dove with this box. You could still use the drawing of the bunny for a comedy effect
(you put in a picture of a bunny, but take out another animal), or you could use a drawing of the correct animal instead of the drawing of the bunny.
Use this trick as part of a full routine of producing, then vanishing the bunny.
Use this trick to produce your rabbit, then use the Rabbit Wringer or other vanishing box to then make him disappear.
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