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The Swami Gimmick Book and Gimmick by Sam Dalal (worn)

The Swami Gimmick Book and Gimmick by Sam Dalal (worn)

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Note:  The book has some worn marks.  

A swami gimmick is a prop used in magic and mentalism. It enables its user to create the illusion of knowing something in advance under impossible conditions,

or of being able to read the thoughts of another person. It is also known as a "nail writer" or "boon writer."

This is a manuscript on the use of, and ideas with a swami gimmick.

- Introduction
- The Swami Gimmick
- Fixing the Lead in the Gimmick
- Learning to use the Swami Gimmick
- Presentation Angles
- Choosing a spectator and making a Prediction
- Writing the Visible Prediction
- The "Secret" Prediction
- Other Considerations
- Prediction Ideas
- Easy Predictions
- Advanced Predictions
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