Shipping and Returns

Domestic Shipping

We try to ship all orders within a 24 to 48 hour time period. We cannot always guarantee this during peak times of year. All orders are filled in order of entering our system.

Shipping Outside of the United States

We currently only ship within the United States and Canada.

Returning Items Damaged In Use

Depending on the trick / effect we can sometimes replace an item that becomes defective or broken during use, that should not have broken.
It is up to the decision of Trunk of Magic if the item should be replaced. Item that are delicate or easily broken will not be replaced as all instructions should be read before tampering or playing around with the prop(s).

Why These Policies?

We try to be fair with everyone who purchases each item. When you buy the item you are buying two things.

First you are buying the secret, and the item or prop. Item or prop is just the bonus.
Once you learn the secret or principal behind the effect that cannot be erased. The creators have spent years testing, using and then marketing these effects.
It would not be fair to other magicians or performers to be able to buy it just to see how it works.

Second, each item has a good write up description, as well as many have video demos so you can see it performed in use.
So you should have a good amount of information at hand before you make your purchase.