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Any Card at Your Number by Leo Smetsers (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

Any Card at Your Number by Leo Smetsers (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)

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Any Card At Your Number is one of Leo's personal favorite creations. It's an effect he has performed in hundreds of shows both close up and stage.

The effect uses a beautiful combination of methods that merge seamlessly to create what appears to be a totally random outcome, but you prove you knew what was going to happen all along.

Here's the effect.

Two spectators each select a card. The cards are not looked at but placed facedown on the table or hidden it their pockets.

You then introduce a numerical sum (Leo has some fun pattern regarding the increasing energy rates). Your spectators rearrange the sum creating a unique sum of their own. This "random" 4 digit number is split into two. The first 2 digits go to spectator 1 and the second two to spectator 2. A beautiful card clip with the word prediction printed on is introduced. In the clip is a full deck of custom printed cards. Each card has a number on the back (Leo has designed the cards so the number can be seen from a distance) making them perfect for stage performances. The two numbers are removed from the deck and the cards on their faces are shown. Now for the first time your spectators reveal their cards and impossibly they match!

Any Card At Your Number is easy to do and comes complete with both decks and a custom card clip to keep your special number deck in tip top condition
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