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Bite Out Cookie

Bite Out Cookie

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This cookie is thinner for easier handling.
The way the gimmick fits makes it very snappy and quick.
And the cookie itself is more precision-made.
Not only does it look great, the two pieces fit together better, and the gimmick is much easier to replace when necessary.

The Bite Out Cookie appears to be a familiar-looking chocolate sandwich style cookie!
BUT WAIT - you can do wonderful magical things with it!

Bitten-And-Restored Cookie
Take a bite out of the cookie, and instantly make it whole again!

Ghost Cookie
If you don't want to take a bite yourself- let the "ghost" do it!
Pass your hand over the cookie, and part of it disappears, as if a ghost ate it!
With another pass of your hand, you instantly make it whole again!

Production Cookie
Rather than pull a rabbit from your hat, pull a cookie from inside a production box or bag!

The gimmick makes it easier to fit the cookie into a smaller space than seems visually possible.

Now THAT'S delicious magic!!
If you can hold the cookie in your hand, you can do the trick!

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