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Bartlett Transformation Playing Cards

Bartlett Transformation Playing Cards

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Ackermann Bartlett 1818 Transformation Playing Cards

Brought to you by Playing Card Decks, rediscover a slice of playing card history with the Ackermann Bartlett 1818 Transformation Playing Cards. Crafted with the precision and quality that the United States Playing Card Company is known for, this deck revives the elegance of the 19th century for the modern collector.

  • Limited edition: Only 2068 decks printed, ensuring the exclusivity of your collection.
  • Authentic design: Strict adherence to the original 1818 designs adds to the deck's historic value.
  • Exceptional quality: Boasts the USPCC's famous "Air-Cushion Finish" for a superior shuffle and play experience.
  • Artistic craftsmanship: Every card features hand-illustrated, unique artwork, replete with symbolism and hidden meanings.
  • Cultural artifact: These cards are a testament to the rich print culture of the early 19th century, offering more than just a game - a piece of history.
  • Collector's item: Includes three "Jester Fool Cards," as a delightful bonus to the traditional card deck.
  • Made by Playing Card Decks: A trusted name in premium playing card production.
Step back in time with a deck that is as educational as it is entertaining. This mysterious deck is filled with knowledge and secrets waiting to be discovered in every card.

2023 release
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