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Bicycle Battlestar (blue seal) (Starlight Gilded) Playing Cards

Bicycle Battlestar (blue seal) (Starlight Gilded) Playing Cards

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Battlestar is set in an intergalactic universe. Mankind has reached the stars and is now facing other alien races in a battle to conquer other planets. The deck is heavily influenced by pop culture and gaming references such as Dune, Star Realms, Miner Wars 2081, Battlestar Galactica, Endless Space, Eve online, just to mention a few. Unique design, modern theme and vibrant colors that jump from the card and simulate a 3D glowing effect. Battlestar is definitely a great deck for collectors and players.

Bicycle Battlestar (Blue Seal) (Starlight Gilded) Playing Cards
  • Unique 3D modeled art, designed from scratch
  • Bicycle® branded cards printed by USPCC on classic stock and air-cushion finish
  • 52 cards + 1 card featuring the first 50 backers names + 1 extra card + 2 Jokers
  • Custom face cards, court cards, Jokers, and tuck box
  • A limited numbered and sealed gilded edition (STARLIGHT), only 250 printed
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