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Empire City (Brooklyn Twilight Edition) Playing Cards

Empire City (Brooklyn Twilight Edition) Playing Cards

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The tuck case of Empire City Playing Cards fully embodies the spirit of the city that never sleeps. At first glance, the New York City skyline is prominently featured, including iconic buildings like the Empire State, Chrysler, and the Statue of Liberty holding her torch at the corner.

Below the skyline, the deck's title, "Empire City," is displayed in gold foil. A majestic eagle medallion with the quote "Where dreams really come true" is depicted beneath the title.

Working with the designer on the back design was a highlight of this project for me. As a magician, I've always appreciated a sophisticated and refined aesthetic for my decks of cards. The Empire City Playing Cards are no exception, and I'm proud to say that this deck will be a staple in my everyday carry for a long time to come.

  • Fully embossed tuck case with shiny gold foils.
  • Both edition tuck cases are made with a premium matte finish paper
  • Sophisticated illustrations with gold foils in the inner tuck case
  • Limited edition of 1200 decks with foil-numbered seal
  • Presented in two editions - RED (Manhattan Sunrise) & GREEN (Brooklyn Twilight)
  • Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company (TWPCC).
  • Legendary luxury finish.
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