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The Silk Black Boxset Playing Cards

The Silk Black Boxset Playing Cards

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The design of the playing cards was inspired by silk-related elements. Graphics with both modern elements and textile textures were created it tells the story of the ancient Silk Road and the oriental kingdom. When designing the cards, ARK drew inspiration from them and finally achieved the fusion and unity of silk elements and creativity of playing cards.

With the theme of silk culture as the essence, combined with the concept of silk pattern, and applying varied organization, close interlace, and balance of plain and twill weave, the result is geometric lines with both classical and modern aesthetics.

The Silk Series, which depicts more than just silk, contains a tribute to the Silk Road, a great trade route in ancient times. Before the emergence of maritime trade, the Silk Road was one of the most important trade routes in Asia and Europe, The front of the card box is a folding card design, which is also a very special idea. lt lists the origins of the Silk Road and the cities along the way. Therefore, through the ingenious idea of the folding card the beauty of silk culture and the historical development of the Silk Road are illustrated. The design of the playing cards also has elements of the ancient East.

We provided a collector's box for the decks to extend the creativity in the design and craft of the playing cards. Including the box, a whole set of coherent designs with a sense of ritual makes the whole product precious.You will see two beautiful layers of holographic gold foil and a hollow ACE associated with the theme. Here, you can find the greatest potential of this deck.

It's a foil effect that ARK has always been proud of, a perfect combination of metallic foil and playing cards. The structure draws on the interlacing of warp and weft in weaving, making extensive use of delicate and striking hollow techniques while attaching a nearly full-board holographic gold foil. The four sides correspond to the four suits, following the concept of silk texture.In the process of opening the box, the embossing, hollow, delicate gold foil and silk material are revealed one by one to create a rotating lamp effect.
  • Two decks: black and white
  • Limited to 888 with a numbered seal
  • Chinese-style silk theme
  • Silk-made card box
  • Vertical hollow box
  • Pioneering cold foil printing technology
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