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Tulip Playing Cards by XIANG

Tulip Playing Cards by XIANG

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We are happy to share with you our project - The Tulip Playing Cards

Our designs are inspired by tulips. Tulip is a long sunshine flower, like sunny, wind shelter, warm and humid winter, summer cool and dry climate;

The flower words of tulip are love, consideration, ability and intelligence.

The bright colors of the tulips are impossible to miss, the texture of the petals and the glossy white texture are amazing. Compared with other flowers, tulips are more emotional, willing to bring you love and warmth, whether you are savoring it's aroma or immersed in its beauty, you will feel a surge of emotion. It takes care of people, can get a real, warm care, and in difficult times to get the warmth like spring flowers.

Limited to 1500 decks using the latest printing technology.

100% custom, hand drawn design of cards, pips and tuck.

Gold metallic ink was used on the back of the cards, and Pantone spot colors were used (for color accuracy)
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