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Wine Cards by Cartesian Cards

Wine Cards by Cartesian Cards

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Wine Cards are regular size playing cards with useful and interesting information about wine on them. Have fun learning about wine, feel more confident buying and ordering wine, and impress your friends! They're also the perfect gift for any wine lovers in your life.

The 52 cards each cover different wines, regions or wine grapes. There's a brief overview, then information about the characteristics of the wine, what to look for on labels, food pairing, and other useful facts.
  • Hearts are red wine grapes
  • Spades are white wine grapes
  • Clubs are world wine regions
  • Diamonds are other wines
Some of the cards have graphics showing characteristics like sweetness, acidity and body. These can then help you choose wines or point you towards new wines to try.

If you're new to terms like body and tannins, one of the joker cards has a key to help you understand these graphics and how to use them.

Testimonials"I've learnt so much from just a few of the cards and can't wait to learn more. Looking forward to having lots of fun with them!"
- Joe K

"Fun, educational, and beautifully designed - these cards are great! And they're the perfect gift for my friends who are also interested in wine."
- Allegra F

"Fantastic content on these beautiful cards, can recommend for students revising for their exams and for procrastinating with a quick game of solitaire!"
- Ed Wicks, DipWSET


These cards are standard poker size playing cards - 89 mm x 63 mm (3½ in x 2½ in).

Printed in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company.
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