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CRAVE LIST by Tora Magic - Trick

CRAVE LIST by Tora Magic - Trick

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Produced and designed by Tora Magic Company

Crave List is a new product from Tora Magic, which is a magic menu of food and drinks.

The magician shows a menu of food completely and flips the pages. In one part of the menu there are different foods, such as (pizza, burger, barbecue , fish, etc.), which shows the person all of them. And in another part from the menu, there are drinks such as (orange juice, smoothie, Fanta, soft drink...) and repeatedly he shows all of them to the audience, and here he asks the audience to choose between foods and drinks, then the magician predicts the choice of food and drink of the audience. And it shows that the predicted food is not in the menu and has disappeared, you can use different ways to reach the prediction (show the food, show the food from the menu, from the pan or tablet...)
  • Very simple and easy to make
  • Suitable for stage performances, street performances, birthday parties, etc.
  • It is 360 degrees angle.
You will receive a menu book and QR code online instructions.
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