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3X3 by Kevin Cunliffe video download

3X3 by Kevin Cunliffe video download

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3X3 by Kevin Cunliffe

The performer displays three objects on a table in front of them in full view.

The spectator is invited to think of any of these items 100% free choice.

Next the spectator is instructed to make several changes with their choice, all of which are 100% free choices and at no point is anything revealed to the performer, no questions are asked, or anything written down.

Yet at the end the performer not only knows exactly what item the spectator is thinking about, but the performer causes this item to totally vanish while they are watching in the most mind-blowing reveal ending possible.

The Perfect opening routine to any Zoom or social media show.
  • Fully interactive
  • Involves the entire viewing audience simultaneously
  • Practically self-working
  • Comes complete with full video instructions & all printable artwork required for alternative presentations.
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