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Without Control by Ale Magix ing video download

Without Control by Ale Magix ing video download

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Without Control by Ale Magix ing 

Without Control by AleMagix is undoubtedly a mind-blowing effect!

There's not much to say, given the simplicity of the execution: controlled deck, cut, and shuffled.

The card is randomly chosen with the performer turned away. Cut and shuffle...

The selected card is inserted back at a random position. Cut and shuffle...

The card is FOUND!

Without any control: the magician is turned away and doesn't see anything, all the shuffles and cuts are performed by the spectator!

The deck is regular.
There are no marked or one-way cards.
No arrangements are made.

"I worked on showing the deck and having the card inserted after the first shuffle to avoid any suspicion of a key card... I believe it's impossible to figure it out!"
- Alessandro

"Can I bring it to FISM next year?"
- Eric Chien

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