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Hexawand Walnut (Brown) Wood by The Magic Firm

Hexawand Walnut (Brown) Wood by The Magic Firm

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NOTE - This is a natural wood product and color variations will occur. No two wands will be exactly the same. Photos are representatives of each color variation.

How many times have you placed your magic wand on your table during your cups & balls routine, only to have it roll away? Whether your table isn't perfectly level or you're busking on a street corner on a windy day, this is a problem that every magician has encountered. I often did, and it's why I avoided using a wand for many years.

Enter the Hexawand. The Hexawand isn't your grandpa's magic wand. Instead of having a round shape this stylish, modern wand is a hexagon. This shape allows the wand to roll when you want it to, but prevents it from rolling when you don't. It's also perfect to use as a backstop at the edge of your table to prevent items from rolling away. It can even be placed on top of a deck of cards like a paperweight to keep the cards from being blown away.

Each wand is crafted from furniture-grade wood and has a durable oil-based coating that's slightly rubberized. The coating protects the wand and feels great in the hand, giving it the perfect amount of grip.

At 13 inches in length and half an inch thick, the Hexawand is perfectly sized & balanced for wand spins, ring on wand routines, and so much more.

Available in 3 different body options - Walnut (brown), Wenge (black), and Rosewood (red). Each body option has Maple tips. Maple is a dense, durable wood so it'll hold up to being tapped against tabletops and metal cups over and over again.

The goal of The Magic Firm is to help people make beautiful magic. With the Hexawand you bring a unique style to your performances but it also elevates your magic by making it less clumsy. Nothing is less magical than suddenly having to lunge after a wand that's rolling away from you.
  • Solid wood construction with maple tips for durability & style
  • Available in 3 body color options - Walnut (brown), Wenge (black), and Rosewood (red)
  • Unique hexagon shape is a fantastic blend of form & function
  • 13 inch length is the perfect size for cups & balls, wand spins, and more
  • Half inch thickness feels comfortable in all hands, small to large
  • Storage box included
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