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Joker Magic

Selector by Joker Magic

Selector by Joker Magic

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A unique-looking, precise device that the spectators can examine (no electronics involved).

The spectator can select a card by rotating the gears in the device, either by random or with a certain card in mind. The selection can then be covered with a small topper, and can be placed on a stand so everyone can see it.

The magician then takes out a deck of cards and take one card out and puts it on the table.

The card is exactly the same one the spectator set on the Selector!

To make the trick even more impactful, the selected card has a big X engraved on it, all the other cards don't have one! The X is engraved, it can't be removed from the card!

The magician can also select a card on the Selector "by random", then have a spectator select the exact same card from a regular deck of cards, using his favorite force or just using a special deck (like a Svengali or force deck).

You can easily learn the trick, in a matter of minutes, the selector is an intuitive, easy-to-use device!

In the pack you will get:
  • The Selector
  • A stand
  • A black velvet bag for transportation
  • The "X-deck"
  • Online video instructions in English
This trick is art of our premium line, these products are made of wood or HDF board, and look and feel unique during the performance. These items are manufactured with great care and precision, and are also very durable, thanks to the materials used.
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