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David Ginn

Kidshow Magic Kompendium by David Ginn | Ebook

Kidshow Magic Kompendium by David Ginn | Ebook

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Kidshow Magic Kompendium by David Ginn  Ebook Download

Here is the largest book ever published on children's magic - 544 pages, 900 color photos, and 130 kid show magic tricks and routines.
95% of 
Kidshow Magic Kompendium has never been published in other David Ginn books.

Kidshow Magic Kompendium is part magic history, part autobiography, and all magic proved suitable for children through David Ginn's 16,000 live show career.
Some routines are do-it-yourself; others are Ginn's treatment of various magic dealer props.

All are woven with storytelling and comedy patter that children love. The actual hardbound book weighs 5 lbs.

This is the first time Kidshow Magic Kompendium has been offered as a download.

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