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Magic Bandz by Robin Bernard and Taiwan Bed

Magic Bandz by Robin Bernard and Taiwan Bed

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Straight from the mind of Robin Bernard and Taiwan Ben, Magic Bandz is the ideal tool to integrate mentalism into your rubber band routines.

Magic Bandz offers you an unexpected and surprising effect without any effort.

Involve one or more spectators and the magic happens directly in their hands.


Imagine that a rubber band can take the shape of the card your spectator is thinking of without even touching it. This is now possible and even very easy.

At the end of your rubber band routine, ask several spectators to hold a rubber band taut between their fingers. Have them choose a card in total secrecy and in a few moments rubber bands will take the shape of their card.

Magic Bandz is a versatile tool that can be used in magic with a beautiful transformation effect. But fits just as well into your mentalism routine as a surprising revelation that will leave a mark on your audience.

  • A set of 21 rubber bands
  • Online tutorial
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