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Mental Voice by BlackBox Magic Creations

Mental Voice by BlackBox Magic Creations

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Thoughts are the most intimate companions of a human. Imagine having the power to tap into a spectator's mind and bending the very fabric of thought itself.

Step into the future of mentalism with Mental Voice - a technological marvel that orchestrates a mesmerizing dance of thoughts through the intricate realms of the human psyche.

BlackBox Magic has developed, from the ground-up, world's most affordable yet state-of-art bone-conduction device that will alter your spectator's thoughts, allowing the magician to perform seemingly real magic.


1. Easy to palm - it is as small as a morgan dollar.
2. Beast battery - one charge will last for a month of use.
3. Unbelievably realistic (thought) sound quality. Your spectator will feel as if the sound is of his own thoughts or the voice of God himself! Precision-engineered components ensure reliability and unrivaled performance.
4. Super silent - nobody apart from the spectator will hear anything. No sound leakage.
5. Fully self contained with in-built memory. No assistant, no phone required. Always ready to perform in a moment's notice.
6. Totally customisable with as many .mp3 audios you want.
7. You start and end clean, every time, with absolutely nothing to be discovered.
8. Covered under a comprehensive warranty with a unique warranty code provided with each unit.
9. You get direct email access to the creators where you can clarify all your technical and performance-related questions.
10. TV rights included!


1. Two spectator telepathy
2. As a tool to force thoughts
3. Over-the-call telepathy
4. Clairvoyance demonstrations
5. Routines combined with PK touches
6. Ideas to create your own routines

The intimate whispers of the mind have never been more tangible, more captivating, than with the unparalleled capabilities of Mental Voice. Get your Mental Voice today to up your mentalism game.

NOTE: Please make sure to thoroughly watch the instructions, as this is a technically comprehensive device.
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