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Fantasma Magic

Multiverse of Magic Set (Doctor Strange) by Fantasma Magic

Multiverse of Magic Set (Doctor Strange) by Fantasma Magic

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Step into MARVEL'S Multiverse of Magic Set featuring Doctor Strange.

Each of our MARVEL magic sets is packaged inside a deluxe quality oversized storage box with a comic book look & incredible MARVEL character art making it a true collector's item. Secured with a magnetic cover, MARVEL magic kit & accessories stay together for safe keeping & easy storage.

  • Doctor Strange playing cards with a secretive "Tapered Deck" construction that gives you the ability to make any card appear & much more;
  • 4 3" gold chrome plated metal "Sling Rings" that link & unlink magically; The "Flames of the Faltine" produces red LED lights at your fingertips;
  • The "Eye of Agamotto" frame allows you to pierce a solid panel;
  • "Multiplying Fireballs" appears, disappears in your friends' hands; Book of Secrets.
MARVEL Multiverse of Magic kit has been developed by top professional magicians.

Fantasma's MARVEL Multiverse of Magic books are endorsed by I.B.M. The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world's largest magical organization. This is a non-paid endorsement.
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