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The Mystery Stick by TCC & Jimmy Fan

The Mystery Stick by TCC & Jimmy Fan

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The Mystery Stick is a modern take on the classic Pom-pom Prayer Stick/Chinese Sticks trick, which was first described in the Chinese magic book published in 1889. This close-up version features a brass stick measuring 13.5cm in length, with four wooden beads attached to each end, one of which is hanging on a cord. When you pull a bead on one side, the hanging bead is retracted, and when you pull a bead on the other side, the hanging one remains retracted. This process is repeated in various combinations, giving the illusion that all the beads are connected. However, when the stick is split in half, it is revealed that there is no connection in the center. The Mystery Stick is truly mesmerizing.

Designed for close-up performance, the Mystery Stick is compact and easy to carry around in your pocket. Jimmy Fan used wooden beads instead of pom-poms, this allows for a smaller size, while the classic combination of brass and wood gives it a delicate and crafty feel. Each set of The Mystery Stick is hand-assembled with precise attention to detail for comfortable performance.

Due to its structure, each set of The Mystery Stick is assembled by hand, with strict control over details for comfortable performance.

  • Close-up version of a classic effect;
  • Mini size;
  • Brass and wood, exquisite and classic combination;
  • Hand assembled with precise details.
  • The tube is made of H62 brass and may naturally oxidize over time, giving it a vintage aesthetic. The stick is not bright polished brass color, and oxidation such as darkening and coloring is normal.
  • The cord is semi-consumable and a replacement cord is included in the package for you to replace after long-term use.
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