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Red and Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Curry-Jennings-Pearl-Duvivier

Red and Black (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Curry-Jennings-Pearl-Duvivier

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A well shuffled deck of cards is shown. A coin is displayed, which is a "talisman", because it gives the person holding it a very special "insight"!
Red and black chips are then displayed. Two "marker" chips are placed on the table, one on each side.

The cards are displayed face-down one by one, the spectator expresses what he "feels": is the card red or black? The card is placed under the corresponding "marker" chip. The result is two small piles of cards, with a chip on each.
The "talisman" is handed to a second spectator, and the process is repeated.

Now for the miracle: under the black chips, there are only black cards, and under the red chips, only red cards!

And the icing on the cake:There's a number printed on the chips: 13 on the black ones, and 17 on the red ones.The black cards are counted... there are 13!The red cards are counted... there are 17!And yet it was the spectators who determined these cards... or was it the "talisman" coin?

This version of "Out of this World" is incredible.The additional climax is unexpected and extremely powerful!

Strong points:
  • Extremely easy to perform,
  • Unexpected, powerful climax,
  • Everything is handed out for examination at the end of the trick,
  • Success guaranteed!
  • A beautiful little purse
  • The red and black chips
  • The gimmicks
  • Online video instructions
  • The deck of cards and the "talisman" coin are NOT included.
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