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Trunk Of Magic

Run Rabbit Run (Stage Size) by Trick Supply

Run Rabbit Run (Stage Size) by Trick Supply

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So much is going on in this routine, kids love it and it is easy to do!

This version of Harry Laet's classic trick allows you to create sheer pandemonium. Two buildings (doors) are shown, and they are connected by a low brick wall. The rabbit is placed behind one of the doors and the magician claims that he vanished by opening that same door again. The kids have seen the rabbit run to the door on the other side.

As the magician opens doors and the rabbit is never there the kids see the rabbit run from side to side. The magician offers to open both doors and this time the rabbit peeks from behind the prop.

At the end the rabbit really vanishes and appears in an entirely different place.

A stage size model, 22" long and 9" high, sturdily made, laminated, and screened in bright colors.

Comes with four rabbits for the animation, initial vanish and final reproduction.

A great prop for any children's entertainer, and a proven audience favorite.
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