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Salt & Pepper by Rocco (Gimmicks and Online Instruction)

Salt & Pepper by Rocco (Gimmicks and Online Instruction)

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Roco's Salt and Pepper is one of the strongest and most amazing effects you can perform because the magic literally happens in your spectators hand. You show both, a salt and pepper shaker, you pour some salt into your spectator's hand, then you pour some pepper right on top of the salt. The spectator takes their index finger and mixes the salt and pepper together. Next they place their free hand over the hand holding the S&P. You ask them to name either the salt or pepper... (let's say they say pepper), you explain that the pepper has now completely vanished from their hand...

The spectator slowly opens their hand and the pepper has COMPLETELY VANISHED! You can then make the pepper appear anywhere you would like. Perfect for walkaround and close-up magic.

Very easy to learn and perform!
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