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Sharper Pens by Pop Haydn

Sharper Pens by Pop Haydn

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One pen operates as a secret pea dispenser. It can hold four or five peas, and deliver them into the hand secretly one at a time. Simply by using the pen as a pointer, "You want shell number one, two or three?" and shifting it from one hand to another, a pea is easily removed from the opening at the top of the pen and hidden in the hand. This is useful to ring in a second pea, or to restore a pea when one has to be dropped into the pocket or on the floor. It is easy to dump a pea into the breast pocket while removing the pen from or putting it back into the pocket.

The second pen actually writes and can be held by the spectator. You can give it to them to point to the shell they want - "Nobody touches the shells." In the base of the pen is a powerful magnet. It can be used in a number of ways with our Magnetic Perfect Peas. Holding the pen in writing position, one can pick up any shell that contains a pea, and the pea will stick to the inside of the shell because of the pen's magnet that is touching the top of the back of the shell. The shell can be replaced to the table and the pea left under it, or the pea can be stolen as the shell is put down. This method can even be used to place a "loaded" shell in the spectator's hand, while a second pea is made to disappear under one of the remaining two shells.

This is another fine product from School for Scoundrels, and further ideas for its use can be found on our new DVD on the Shell Game, "The Scoundrels Touch."

Set includes
  • 2 Sharpie pens
  • 7 Perfect peas
  • Two magnetic peas
Note: we have a limited supply and some of the pens have small nicks or imperfections in them. Don't be concerned, they still work fine.
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