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SvenPad® Celebrity Presage B-Roll (Tom Cruise)

SvenPad® Celebrity Presage B-Roll (Tom Cruise)

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Ready for takeoff in your next show! Be the star at your next performances with TWO NEW CELEBRITY PRESAGE RELEASES, both RAVE received and the buzz at Magic Live! by attendees. These new Celebrity Presage editions represent the final clever incarnations in our popular Celebrity Presage book test series.

These B-Roll editions are a must-have for current OR new owners of any of our famous Celebrity Presage book tests! Celebrity Presage is the #1 book test, used by the world's top pros and hobbyists - because it uses unique foolproof methods that dazzle audiences.

Take your performances to new heights with the cool new B-Roll Celebrity Presage Editions:
  • B-ROLL: NEW COVER, FORCE TOM CRUISE: Ride the contrails of the just released TOM CRUISE "TOP GUN" film. This edition offers colorfully fun and realistic redesigned covers, so it appears to be a completely different book (Celeb Flops) compared to the original red cover- but still forces TOM CRUISE. The colorful new book design & fun title will fuel plenty of material for your show! Performers can offer audiences a seemingly "free" choice of TWO different books (original red cover if you already own it, or this one), yet still achieve Tom Cruise with either book. Plus all the built-in WikiTest words you already know and love! Or for folks who don't yet own the original red cover Celebrity Presage, this is a lovely new final approach option! The new included V-Gimmick bookmark forces Brittany Spears.
  • B-ROLL: ORIGINAL RED COVER, FORCE ADELE: This book offers up our classic RED COVER Celebrity Presage (same as the original), but now forces internationally known superstar ADELE. This is an ideal book for NEW or PRIOR owners of the original Celebrity Presage (which forced Tom Cruise) now seeking to offer an alternate celeb as the main force. After speaking with many pros we chose superstar ADELE because she is beloved and popular worldwide! We had been wanting to do an updated celebrity with the original book for a long while. We know many of you wanted more flexibility and now you've got it. This B-Roll will give performers extra options for a repeat show using what looks like the same RED COVER book as the original. We added some secretly subtle differences on the front/back cover so a performer will know at a glance which is which (original or new). PLUS, the included bookmark V-gimmick now forces BRADLEY COOPER as an extra force.
These new B-Roll editions work EXACTLY like the popular original Celebrity Presage, with the all the POWERFUL features you've come to know (and love). NO OTHER BOOK TEST WORKS THIS EASILY! Our PPN system allows book page numbers to display sequentially, whilst still allowing the performer to cleanly force ANY page they wish in real time. Invisibly & perfectly. Celebrity Presage is a book test with multiple layered methods which can be used together (or individually) for predictions or mind-reading miracles.

HANDS OFF! If you want, just lay the book on a table and ask the spectator to open it: All the work is done, hands free with almost NO management! These books BOTH still contain all the 9 WikiTest words, allowing for true mind reading amazement.

EVERYONE LOVES CELEBRITIES! Our original Celebrity Presage became the most sought-after book test on the planet when Magicians lined up and it sold out at our booth in Las Vegas at Magic Live! in 2019. Since then its gotten industry accolades and rave reviews from tough critics - audiences who were baffled and entertained with the fun TMZ style celebrity theme. During quarantine performers discovered that it's ideal for Zoom shows. Use it in any language, since 99% of the celebrities in the book are world famous.

These books look 100% natural - and handle perfectly in THEIR hands + they read FUNNY and like a real book.

Combine either of the B-ROLL editions with your classic original Celebrity Presage - and give your audience a selection of books now! Or give yourself more options for repeat audience performances.

  • (1) Celebrity Presage gimmicked 130-page paperback book
  • (1) V forcing gimmick (Beyoncé)
  • 29 Page PDF written instructions with routines & photos
  • 30 Minute streaming video instructions
  • Access to the SvenPad® secret group

Your Celebrity Presage book will allow you to:
  1. Force a page/Celebrity using our incredible numbering system
  2. Force a page/Celebrity using Svengali (opening to a page)
  3. Force a movie title using PPPS or Svengali
  4. Force a Celebrity name using the new V Gimmick (Beyoncé)
  5. Divining one of 9 potential WikiTest words on one or multiple spectators
  6. Potentially do a drawing duplication
  7. Reveal the details from a forced celebrity quote
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