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Trunk Of Magic

The Ghostly Slate by Magic Master

The Ghostly Slate by Magic Master

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NOTE:  This product is used and in good condition.  

A ghost magically identifies the card you choose! 

Without touching a card, you magically move it from one pile to another! 

A ghost magically writes the card you choose on a blackboard while you hold it into your hand! 

Magic Master magically transforms you into a star.  
The tricks in this box come from professional magicians - they've been redesigned so that anyone can learn and perform them.  
Magic has never been simpler, or more amazing! 

Each trick has detailed instructions and diagrams that tell you everything you need to know: how to set up the tricks, what to do with your hands and eyes - 
even what to say!  Your astonished viewers can even examine your props; they still won't know how you did it! 

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