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The Royle Road to Family & Kids Show Success by Jonathan Royle & Tizzy the Clown

The Royle Road to Family & Kids Show Success by Jonathan Royle & Tizzy the Clown

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Contained within this amazing package are all of the routines you will ever need for both Family & Kids Show Success.

These routines all pack extremely small and yet play massively to every type of audience from the childrens birthday house party on the one hand all the way up to the biggest of audiences you are likely to encounter such as those to be found in holiday camps & theme parks, at gala events & state fairs or on family cruise ships.

All of the routines below combine strong magic that will fool not just children but also adults alike and are all flexible enough in routining and presentation to make them ideal for audiences of all ages whatever the venue, event or situation you are performing in may be.

Do yourself and your audiences a favor and read every word below and then once you have discovered how valuable this package is place your order today.


1. Kids & Family Shows made easy by Jonathan Royle aka Flap the Clown - usual retail $20
2. Freddie The Magical High Jumping Flea - usual retail $20
3. The Magical Ice Lolly Machine - Usual retail $20
4. Royle's Comedy Cabaret & Family Sponge Ball routine - usual retail $20
5. Royle's Comedy Cabaret & Family Rope Magic routine - usual retail $20
6. On The Way Here Tonight - Comedy Family Friendly Crazy Compass routine - usual retail $20
7. Ashleigh's DVD mentalism book test - usual retail $20
8. The Crazy Anagram Game - usual retail $20
9. Tizzy & Flap's Clown Gags & Skits for circus or stage - usual retail $15
10. The Art of the Perfect Pitch - Insider Secrets of Pitching & Selling Magic Tricks & Novelties for big profits - usual retail $30


Now follows more detailed information on each of the ten (10) items contained in this download package

1. Kids & Family Shows Made Easy by Jonathan Royle aka Flap the Clown - Usual Retail $20

Born into a Showbiz Family, Royle made his stage debut as Flap the Clown aged 3 and a bit on Gandey's Circus and to date has rapidly approaching 40 years' experience of performing for Children's Party's and Family Friendly Style Events.
His Father Tizzy the Clown has over 60 years experience of entertaining Kids and Family Audiences alike and within the pages of this direct to the point large format (A4) 35 page PDF manual which is accompanied by 17 full colour photographs and access to numerous videos with a combined duration of well over three hours of footage including example live show segments he lifts the lid on his entire Children's & Family Show.
You are given the complete running order of his 60 minute audience tested show and it is also explained how you can make the show shorter and change bits as may be needed from time to time.
Each segment and routine of the show is broken down and explained so that you can understand clearly how things have been structured for maximum Continuity and Moments of Strong Magic combined with Verbal & Visual Gags, Bits of Business and audience participation.

You'll discover how to put together the whole one hour show, at the time of writing (Jan 2017) for around £107 Sterling which is approx $134 US dollars or 124 Euros.

In other-words if you market yourself right you should be able to recoup your entire investment with the very first show that you book.

And yes along the way Royle points you in the right direction for all the advice you'll ever need to truly put yourself on the M.A.P.P. by mastering the arts of Marketing, Advertising, Publicity & Promotion.

The subjects of party games, balloon modelling, face-painting and other Allied Arts are also touched upon and direct you to tons of invaluable free further advice and information to set you on the path to success.

Although this PDF is not intended for the experienced children's or family entertainer, although there is no doubt that even they will find much of worth within the pages including the wonderful "Where's Issac?" Invisible Pet Fish Running Gag and the "Mother & Child" comedy dressing up routine.

Rather, it is aimed directly at the person who is wanting to start their own children's & family style magic shows and would like to knock years of trial and error off their learning curve.

This is a complete ready to perform show running order and structure which packs small and plays massive.

2. Freddie The Magical High Jumping Flea - Usual Retail $20

Freddie the magical high jumping flea is the perfect opening routine for all children's party & family show Entertainers and has been a staple of Tizzy The Clown's Act for fast approaching 60 years with huge success!

Tizzy's son, Jonathan Royle has also been performing this routine in his children's and family shows at the time of release, for the past 27+ years to date, and he too has always found this to be the perfect opening routine to win the audience over, get them warmed up for what's to come and ultimately to get them well and truly on your side.

This is similar to the Classic Monkey Bar routine, except that it uses 3 glasses upon a small tray inside of one of which is a large colorful silk.

This silk apparently magically jumps from one end glass to the other, but always only whilst the magician is placing the tray behind his back and the audience soon catch on with screams of "You Turned it Around"

After much Comedy by Play and Audience interaction which you will witness by way of two videos showing Tizzy the Clown using this routine which he has honed to perfection in live performances there is a double impact magical ending.

Firstly the silk visibly jumps from one end glass to the other in front of everybody's eyes, and then as an encore the Silk Visibly Jumps from the end glass into the Centre One and once again draws huge applause from the amazed audience.

The original idea for a silk jumping from Glass to Glass seems to have been first marketed by Abbots Magic company with Victor Trask's Tri-Fly-Silk in the 1960's, with a version then marketed by Ken Brooke in the 1970's and numerous different versions having been marketed by various dealers around the world since then.

Within this package you will receive a PDF eBook along with access to several videos including live performances of the routine featuring "Freddie" the Magical High Jumping Flea and a total of 39 full color photographs which will help you to easily and very cheaply make the props needed to perform this feature effect using just a few easily obtained items that most Dollar or Pound Stores usually stock.

For such a routine, that has been audience tested during many countless thousands of shows, this is perhaps one of the best investments you will ever make and a true bargain

3. The Magical Ice Lolly Machine - Usual Retail $20

This Routine dubbed "The Magic Ice-Lolly Machine" by Tizzy The Clown is something that he has been performing in every show since he was taught it by Mas-Kar "The Great White Yogi" with whom he was appearing in the Pantomime "Sleeping Beauty" under his other stage name of Les-Le-Roy during the Christmas Season of 1971.

It has been audience tested and honed to perfection during countless thousands of children's parties and family shows.

Using nothing more than a glass, a bottle of soda pop and a magic wand this is a fun packed routine that both amazes and amuses whilst also giving the audience numerous chances to shout out and join in at every stage.

In effect a bottle of soda pop is poured into a clear glass and stirred with the Magic Wand (or wooden spoon) and magically becomes solid as it the liquid turns into an Ice Lolly.

The magic wand is stuck in the now "solid" liquid and cannot be removed as suddenly the wand becomes stuck to your hand in such a manner that you are able to open out your fingers and spread them wide and yet the wand and glass on the end of it still remains suspended in mid air.

To prove how "solid" the Lolly is you then spin the wand around in the air causing the glass to rotate fully 360% degrees several times without any liquid being spilled as the Lolly is "solid"

And then at the end the magic wand comes free from the Lolly and it the Liquid returns to normal being able to be drunk to bring the routine to a logical conclusion.

Tizzy the Clown has been using this routine since 1971, some 46 years to date and his son Jonathan Royle has been using it in his kids Shows since 1989 also with huge success.

This package comes complete with an Instructional PDF, together with 65 full color photographs & access to two videos including both live performance of the routine and also "How To" Advice allowing you to easily and very cheaply make all the props required for this feature children's party or family show routine.

You will also discover what routine Jonathan Royle always uses before this one as the perfect lead in and logical reason for wanting to make a Magical Ice Lolly.

All of the items required to easily make the props for this routine can easily and cheaply be purchased from most dollar or pound stores.

This is without doubt a real "workers" routine and a true bargain

4. Royle's Comedy Cabaret & Family Sponge Ball Routine - Usual Retail $20

This is Royle's Comedy Cabaret Sponge Ball routine exactly as he started performing it in the Northern Working Men's Clubs in England back in around 1990.

There are plenty of high impact magical moments and numerous opportunities for laughter, gags and bits of business along the way.

Depending on your performing style and Pace this can be a complete 8 to 10 minute feature Cabaret routine or it can be speeded up and streamlined to a five minute close-up presentation.

By way of a PDF eBook, 60 full color photographs and access to well over 60 minutes of instructional videos you will learn every element of this audience tested "workers" routine in a simple easy to follow step by step manner.

During this fast moving routine:
  • An observation game is played with one red sponge ball that after much comical by play ends with the red ball disappearing and instead the magician is left holding a red sponge cube in one hand and a black sponge ball in the other.
  • These are then discarded into the magicians pocket and a small metal Purse Frame is shown held in empty hands and then magically a sponge ball is produced from within this "invisible" purse.
  • The ball is rubbed and visibly split into two balls before their eyes.
  • One ball jumps from your left hand to join the other ball in your right hand.
  • Then one ball vanishes from your hand and joins the other ball inside the volunteers hand.
  • Another ball is introduced and on two occasions in quick succession, two balls are placed into the volunteers hand and one into your pocket which then vanishes from your pocket and appears inside their hand with the other two balls.
  • You appear to then be revealing how the trick is done to the audience by introducing a fourth ball but unexpectedly all of the balls disappear completely from your hands and appear back in your pocket.
  • Then to bring things to a big finish two of the balls are placed into the volunteers hand and two are held in your hand, the idea being to make your two balls vanish and appear inside the volunteers hand, but all seems to have gone wrong when your hand is opened to reveal a Sponge Male Body Part (The Magic Ding Dong)
  • The volunteer then opens their hand and instead of the two balls they were holding they now have dozens of small baby balls which pop out everywhere much to everyone's surprise.
  • Several alternative 100% clean replacement endings for the "Ding Dong" are also included making this routine adaptable to all ages and natures of audiences and venues.
  • You will also be taught how to combine other sponge gimmicks such as Goshman's growing ball outdone, and then there were four and other similar marketed effects to make this routine even more amazing!
  • You will also be taught numerous other sponge ball sleights, tricks and techniques giving you the option to then add to, adapt, alter and change the routine to suit your own needs as and when required.
5. Royle's Comedy Cabaret & Family Rope Magic Routine - Usual Retail $20

Using nothing more than a piece of rope and a pair of scissors, with the assistance of an audience member, with this routine you have an action packed ten to 12 minutes of solid real world comedy entertainment that is packed with numerous high impact visual magical moments along the way.

By way of a PDF eBook, 85 full color photographs and access to several hours of clear step by step training videos you will be taught every element of this truly commercial audience tested comedy cabaret rope routine which Royle first started performing in this manner circa 1990.

During the course of this Fast Moving routine:
  • A tiny short piece of rope is stretched visually into a very long length of rope.
  • Twice in quick succession the rope is cut and restored.
  • You tie a knot in the rope without letting go of the ends.
  • You then teach the audience a way to tie a knot in the rope without letting go of the ends .
  • Visually you crack the rope like a whip and visually a knot appears in it.
  • A volunteer from audience cuts the rope into 3 equal lengths for you and they are shown to be all the same size.
  • Suddenly all 3 lengths of rope have changed to different sizes, small, medium and large drawing much laughter from the audience.
  • The classic professors nightmare is performed to visually pull all 3 ropes and make them the same size at which point they are displayed and counted as three separate ropes of the same size.
  • One rope is placed around your neck and the other two visually morph into one piece of rope!
  • The volunteer pulls the ends off the rope and leaves you with just a solid loop of rope that is shown.
  • Invisible scissors are used to cut the loop and this is then magically restored with the other piece making one rope again.
  • The ends of the rope are placed into your mouth and the middle into your top pocket and these magically change places with a comical gag ending.
  • All 3 pieces of rope used during the routine are tied together and one by one the two knots are made to vanish leaving one long length of solid rope just like you started with at the beginning.
  • Other elements including where to place and how to logically perform a powerful Ring on Rope Routine are also taught and discussed.
  • Various other rope tricks and Techniques are also taught within the package so that you may add to, change or vary the routine to suit your own needs.
  • Using changes in patter and the verbal gags used, this can and does play equally well for children's parties & family shows as it does for more mature open minded adult cabaret & comedy club performances.
This truly is a "Packs Small & Plays Massive" Professional "workers" routine that has been honed to perfection over the years.

6. On The Way Here Tonight - Comedy Family Friendly Crazy Compass Routine - Usual Retail $20

Inspired by Milbourne Christopher's "Hi-Sign" and other variations on the Crazy Compass or Magic Road Sign routine, this is Jonathan Royles Hilarious Fast Paced Family Friendly Comedy Script for this rarely seen classic of magic.

Royle has also brought it bang up to date by the addition of two different comedy road sign endings which unexpectedly appear where the Arrows on each side of the Sign once were.

This is now the perfect & hugely Flexible 5 to 8 minute laughter packed opening routine to warm up your audiences ready for the rest of your show.

All of the one liner Jokes included within the Script have been audience tested for many years and have consistently proven themselves to be huge laughter makers.

This unique routine is focused around the problems you the Magician have had trying to get to the show today and the Jokes are all about the many nightmares you encountered along the way.

As the arrow on the sign keeps magically changing direction it does so in a manner that is in time with the Jokes within the script and in a way that helps to visually emphasize those lines and thus make them even funnier.

In addition to the step by step script, you are also supplied with numerous other related one liner jokes which should you desire can easily be inserted into the routine allowing it to be used as the "vehicle" to perform a full 15 minute act.

Some more adult style one liners are also included as a bonus which when the occasion is right (no children) could also be added.

You are supplied with the custom designed artwork in three sizes, 8cm by 8cm for close-Up, 15cm by 15cm for parlor shows and 25cm by 25cm which is ideal for even the biggest stages and venues.

The enclosed PDF instructions and detailed comedy script also include a link to a training video, which along with the various included photographs will easily enable you to make your own "On The Way Here Tonight" comedy road sign gimmick for use with this routine.

This is a real professional "Workers" routine and an absolute steal at this price.

NOTE = The Two Comedy Road Sign endings to "On The Way Here Tonight" are very different images to the two visual Road Sign changes used in my adults only Crazy Compass Routine entitled "Fore-Play" which is also available from all major magic dealers.

7. Ashleigh's DVD Mentalism Book Test - Usual Retail $20

Inspired by Ari Soroka's "The Red Carpet" Comedy Mentalism and Mind Reading routine, as marketed by Jason Palter, this goes way beyond the routine that originally inspired it, and can all be easily made at home for a lot less than $40/£24.

Although in the performance videos on magic dealers sites for this product on its own you will see the final comedy reveal as being Shrek, in truth this manuscript explains how the end reveal used by Royle is often Kermit The Frog instead, but also reveals how it can easily be changed to any famous name celebrity.

You see, although the methods and full routine as used by Royle for many years at shows around the world are explained in full, he also explains how this can easily be customised and adapted to fit any theme, target audience, target client and/or specific bookers needs!

Also remember that it is possible to ask each of the 3 spectators whether or not the page they have chosen genuinely has six different images on it, because in truth it genuinely does have six different images on it.

You can also ask them to confirm that these images are of various different characters and they will genuinely confirm such to be the case as there are indeed genuinely different characters on the page!

The final volunteer can also be asked to confirm that there were different images on the page that they could have freely chosen from and they will confirm such to be the case because it is 100% true!

This routine uses a combination of methods, skilfully blended together to not only give a mind blowing routine but one which is also highly entertaining and presses the audiences emotional buttons.

Comes with full performance rights to Royles routine & methods!

You will also be given information on how to learn the other bits you see in the performance video on this page, the bits I do before the book test.

There are also links to watch two videos relevant to learning the routine included within the PDF.

8. The Crazy Anagram Game - Usual Retail $20

"The Crazy Anagram Game" is the perfect title for what this manuscript will describe and explain to you, namely a game that can involve lots of children at once (as many teams as you think you can keep an eye on) and which is fun, educational, mentally Stimulating and also Physically Active all at the same time!

And best of all everything you need is easy and cheap to make yourself and will pack extremely flat at the bottom of your case whilst being able to fill the biggest Stages, School Halls and other venues with Joy, Fun and Merriment on demand.

It's up to you how you adapt this to your own needs, I never used absolutely everything mentioned in these pages all at the same time during one show, but I have included all of this information so that you can alter and adapt things easily should you so desire.

In essence this is a game whereby teams of four children compete against each other to see who can spell various randomly chosen or called out by the performer words most rapidly.

As each child is given an A4 Card upon each side of which is printed a Large Letter, this means that they will have to move around the stage and change places or at the very least exchange their card with someone stood next to them so that their team can spell out the word that has just been called out.

This game can be perceived as educational as they have to spell the words correctly and also, along the way you can briefly explain and clarify what the meaning of each word is.

I like this Game as you can have numerous teams playing it at once so that it keeps lots of children occupied at the same time, with any left sitting down awaiting their turn being assigned a team to cheer for and to shout out the answers to help spell the word just called out.

Also as its about keeping track of which team spells the word fastest each time there is no elimination of people, just score keeping along the way and a final team declared the winner at the end, with perhaps second and third place consolation prizes being awarded as well.

In other-words it has the potential to keep everyone occupied, entertained and involved whilst killing a substantial period of time during the "Party Games" section of your children's party show package.

And again I'll repeat it packs completely flat and takes up next to no room in the bottom of your case, whilst also being easily and cheaply made at home using the ready made artwork which we supply in two designs for your use.

This has been audience tested and consistently shown to be a proven audience pleaser by both Royle and several of his colleagues collectively over a period of several decades.

All the hard work has been done for you, so believe it or not you are able to have the kids spell out up to 70 different words using just five double sided A4 cards that have a single letter printed on each side of them.

Several different ways of presenting this and running the game are explained in the manuscript along with everything else you may need to know to add this directly to your repertoire.

And it comes complete with two different designs for the needed artwork ready for you to easily print out onto colored cards in your own home.

9. Tizzy & Flap's Clown Gags & Skits for Circus or Stage - Usual Retail $15

In the guise of Tizzy the Clown, Jonathan Royle's Father has travelled the World and is highly regarded in the Circus World.

During his career he has appeared at Manchester's World Famous Belle Vue Circus for several seasons, Bouglione Cirque d'hiver and of course has even performed at the World Famous Blackpool Tower Circus.

At the age of 3 and a bit, back in 1978, Royle started performing with his dad under the name of Flap the Clown and together they were "Tizzy and Flap" and performed regularly on Gandey's Circus, Sir Robert Fossetts Circus and also in their own circus showtime and Circus Funtime Productions.

They even appeared on television together back in 1983 and that clip is included for you to see, along with archive footage from 1987 & 2002.

Now within this large format (A4) Photo illustrated publication of some 43 information packed pages Royle lifts the lid on the Art of Circus Clowning.

Included are links to over 30 video clips which in total give you well over 3 hours of Live performance footage of various Clown Skits, Gags and Sketches, and these include clips of both Tizzy and Flap in action before audiences.

In total you will also learn the Secrets of 26 different clown gags, Skits and Sketches covering ones suitable for solo clowns and also double acts and beyond.

You'll discover the top Six Clown books to read after this one and of course will also find out how to do pratfalls (falling over without hurting yourself) and also how to take the nap (apparently being hit by another Clown) amongst other useful tricks of the trade.

This publication will also interest all Circus fans as it includes links to view Tizzy the Clowns online scrapbooks which contain a host of Circus Memorabilia and History that many will take delight from in viewing.

These are the exact clown gags, skits & sketches that Tizzy and Flap have performed together and also on their own for many decades now around the world drawing huge laughter and applause from audiences along the way.

10. THE ART OF THE PERFECT PITCH - Insider Secrets of Pitching & Selling Magic & Novelties for Big Profits

"This is by far the best book I have ever read on pitching magic. I will be using this information to pitch to the public. Well worth the price asked for the book."
Devin A Knight (Master Magician, Hypnotist & Mentalist)

"There's a lot of useful information here. I pitched Svengalis, three-card tricks and cups and sponge sets myself for many years and this is certainly a book I'd recommend to anyone who wishes to work as a magical pitchman."
Russell J. Hall (Magick Enterprises - Sheffield)

"Without a Doubt the most informative book I have ever read on how to Pitch and Sell Magic for Big Profits. If you cannot make yourself big money on a regular basis after reading this book then it's time for you to get a proper job!"
Carl De Rome (Norway's Leading Illusionist)

"I had the chance to take a look at the "Perfect Pitch" book by Jonathan Royle and I have to say that I really enjoyed reading about his real life experiences studied and discussed to help improve anyone's selling skills. Loved the thinking behind the advice of using laughs and certain hypnosis techniques to get people in the right mindset of "buying". In this book you can find a lot of resources and tips on how to take your selling abilities to a better level. It got me thinking and I can't wait to try Jonathan's advices out! Good job!"
Jay Di Biase - (Creator of Rock, Paper, Lies)

"I'd definitely suggest to anyone who wants to demo Svengali deck's or is embarking upon Pitching and Selling Magic that this book is a must-read!"
Lee Hathaway - (Award Winning Magician & Pitch Artist)

"Jonathan Royle is the REAL DEAL, he absolutely knows what he is talking about, because he has DONE IT! If you want to pitch ANYTHING, you will learn EXACTLY what you need to do, what to say, & how to set it all up. Jonathan has really thought about how to make himself SUCCESSFUL, and now he shares his secrets with YOU. I thoroughly recommend what he is offering, well done Jonathan"
Mike Danata - (British Magician & Magic Dealer)


Born into a Circus Family, Jonathan Royle made his Stage Debut aged 3 on Gandey's Circus and over the years worked both performing and also Pitching Novelty Items at Major Exhibition Centres, Galas and Large Outdoor events all over the UK.

In His former Stage name of Alex-Leroy, aged 15, back in 1991 Jonathan Royle became (at the time) the Youngest Person ever contracted by Marvin's Magic to demonstrate their line of Magic Tricks and Novelty items.

During his time working for them, Royle was regularly at the top of the Sales Figures Leader Board, often outselling much larger stores in much busier locations.

Indeed on one occasion he even sold more in one day than many of the stores were selling in an entire week as is illustrated by the documents included within the book.

Within the information packed 53 pages of this large format (A4 size) publication you will learn all of Royles, until now, jealously guarded secrets of exactly how to make massive profits from pitching and selling magic tricks and novelty items to the general public.

You will discover all of the "Secret Sources" around the World where Pitchmen obtain their stock to sell at massive profits as there is literally a directory of most every place in the world to obtain your items to sell.

The True Psychology of arguably "Hypnotizing" the crowd so that they are putty in your hands and highly suggestible to the idea of buying things is revealed in an eye opening manner.

Secrets of how to quite literally laugh them out of their money are detailed along with examples of how this can easily be achieved.

Royle Reveals the exact Svengali Pitch that enabled him to sell the equivalent of well over 400+ Svengali decks in a single day and has helped him to sell numerous thousands and thousands of decks during his time pitching this magical product.

You will be taught every element of this routine, the psychology behind it, exactly what to say and when to say it and what to do and when to do it!

Indeed not only is this a truly powerful and profitable routine to Pitch and sell Svengali decks, but Royle has used it on many occasions in the real world of performing to and entertaining the general public as it is structured to be truly magical and mystifying whilst providing true entertainment at the same time.

Some elements of this Svengali Pitch and Routine are as he openly admits inspired by the work of the legendary Mark Lewis the author of the amazing book "The Long and the Short of it" but even Mark would have to agree that Royle has put his own unique stamp on things.


You will also discover "The Lazy Man's Way to Pitch Profits" which was one of the Key Secrets of Royle selling so much stock during his time with Marvins Magic.

Royle Reveals his "Multi Purpose Crowd Attracting & Attention Getting Spiel" which can be used to attract a crowd of eager customers before you go on to sell them almost anything and everything.

Discover the Ridiculously simple way to make around $1,000 a day selling balloon animals and models without the need for any real skill as only the most basic and easy to use balloon figures are needed or used.

The Smart Persons Guide to making big profits from colored hair spray and face painting. Once again next to no skill is required and this approach has regularly proven itself to be a guaranteed money spinner.

Plus you'll learn what all the most commonly Pitched items are, the ones that make the most profit and where to obtain them at the best prices.

Plus you'll gain access to watch various online videos that will help you learn more about pitching Svengali decks, The Magic Mouse, Squirmles aka The Magic Worm and numerous other low cost high profit producing items.

And to help ensure your future success Royle finally reveals all of the books, audios and training videos on the subject of Pitching Magic and Novelties that he considers to have helped himself to be successful over the years and in turn would recommend you to study as well.

These additional resources are in many cases "underground" items that most Magicians would have no clue existed or where to obtain them, but Royle Reveals Exactly where to obtain them at the lowest cost to help skyrocket your future success.


"Its terrible! I would never endorse such sh*t!"
Don Driver - January 2016
(After Finding Out Mark Lewis had reviewed the book and that I spoke highly of his Arch Enemy Mark Lewis inside the book)


"Jonathan Royle aka Alex Smith is quite a character. But then you have to be a bit of a character to be in the pitch business! I am glad that I had some influence in his success at pitching magic but he has adapted my methods to his own needs and in fact so should everyone who reads this work. I have read his script and was struck by all the gags and selling techniques which have been used in British street markets for generations. I recognised a lot of the spiels. Market pitchers know what they are doing and so does Jonathan. In short I recommend that you get this book."
MARK LEWIS - (The Legendary Magician & Pitch Artist)

VANISH MAGAZINE REVIEW - (Issue 24 - Feb/March 2016)

Reviewed by John Kaplan

As someone who has spent a lot of time around "pitch men" through my years of performing in the fair and festival circuit, and having sold countless magic items at my own Fundraising Magic™ shows, I was excited to read this ebook from Jonathan Royle.

Overall, I'd say the author has a very good grasp on what motivates people to part with their money and it's obvious that he has definitely "walked the talk".

The book begins with reproductions of testimonial letters from companies that employed him as a magic demonstrator, followed by a lengthy autobiography of someone who has "been there, done that and worn the T-shirt out". The framework of his Svengali Pitch is, I feel, excellent. I've performed the Tommy Windsor "Real Svengali Pitch" myself for many years and was delighted by at least one angle of Royle's pitch that I thought was great. That said, there are also a couple of lines that some would find "questionable" and indeed, I'd never use.

While perhaps somewhat scant, the "insider secrets" revealed are obviously real-world proven and undoubtedly practical.

Readers should be aware that much of the material contained in this ebook is devoted solely to the author's pitch and handling of the Svengali deck.

For anyone new to the game wanting an understanding of what makes for a powerful and convincing pitch (one that gets the money) there are certainly some valuable nuggets to be found here. And, the directory information provided may also save those interested a great deal of time searching for pitch products and resources.

Reviewed by John Kaplan
Vanish Magic Magazine - Issue 24 - (February/March 2016)


Insider Secrets of Selling and Pitching Magic and Other Novelties For Maximum Profit by Jonathan Royle - Price: $30 (approx. £18.00)

This E-Book is a handbook of information for those who aspire to sell or pitch to the general public. Although the aim is to sell magic, in fact the principles revealed would work equally well with just about any other saleable product.

The author is Jonathan Royle who, for a very short period back in the early 1990s, pitched products for Marvin's Magic. According to the letters reproduced at the beginning of the book, Jonathan was the company's most successful seller, particularly when pitching the Svengali Deck, so he clearly knows what he is doing.

Pitching is not for the fainthearted. There's a difference between selling in a shop, where you essentially wait for customers and service their requirements, and pitching, where you actively seek to create a crowd by being large and loud and in their faces.

This takes a certain type of confident personality and character, and not everyone will be suited to this upfront way of working.

Jonathan explains the principles of pricing for maximum profit and reveals ways to encourage the punters to buy. It's not a gentle business, it's all about extracting the cash for the minimum amount of effort and the maximum amount of profit. This is business, not entertainment.

The full patter and handling for Jonathan's Svengali pitch is gone through in detail. I think he has probably included in it just about every standard gag line known to man, and there are a few other lines that probably nobody else should attempt to try if they don't wish to offend.

It's barrow boy patter but in the right place and with the right person, it would probably work.

(ROYLE NOTE = It does work for sure as it is the EXACT pattern I used to sell over 400 Svengali decks in one day and to consistently sell tons of products)

Undoubtedly the most valuable thing this eBook provides is a very comprehensive list of contacts for everything that a wannabe pitchman is likely to need.

Getting supplies of products, knowing where to access video footage of other pitchmen, finding books or DVDs with more information, all this would take you a long time to pull together yourself, but fortunately Jonathan has done all the hard work for you, and in that respect this book is very helpful.

Review by MarK Leveridge - MagicSeen Magazine (Issue 67 - Feb 2016)


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