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THE VASE by Alejandro Cruz Estepa (gimmicks and online instructions)

THE VASE by Alejandro Cruz Estepa (gimmicks and online instructions)

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Welcome to the world of magic served in a simple pen holder.

We take pride in providing magic with a practical tool for use in any situation.

With an elegant and mysterious design, 'The Vase' is much more than a mere container. It is a gateway to the unknown, where you can make objects disappear, transform them, or even make them reappear in unexpected places. Its versatility and ease of use allow even those new to magic to perform impactful and astonishing acts.

With 'The Vase,' you can make changes to small objects like coins, cards, bills, papers, and anything you can imagine.

You can work surrounded by spectators without them noticing anything strange. It's very easy to do, almost automatic.

Furthermore, with our magic cards, you can customize the trick for any company, making it truly unique.

We hope that 'The Vase' can bring much satisfaction to all magicians around the world.

Comes complete with:
  • The Vase gimmick
  • Ten writeable tablets
  • Ten paper billets
  • Fake card
Produced in Spain
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