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Gustavo Raley

Toon Balloon by Gustavo Raley

Toon Balloon by Gustavo Raley

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Trunk Of Magic had the privilege of been the first dealer in the United States to sell this product.

A new and innovative magical effect that made its debut at Blackpool.

Imagine blowing up a balloon, drawing a face on it, and having it start talking, and the best part is, at the end of your performance, you can give it away as a gift!

Toon Balloon, the new creation by Gustavo Raley. You can incorporate it into all your presentations, as the set includes all the necessary elements to perform this illusion. Additionally, it comes with a detailed video tutorial that explains all the necessary techniques and various routines for your shows.

With Toon Balloon, you can make the balloon sing songs, even perform "Happy Birthday" to honor someone special. If you practice ventriloquism, this effect can be an ideal complement to your routines. You also have the option to combine it with various magic effects involving the use of balloons.

It's important to note that the balloons and their supports are completely normal and can be purchased at any party supply store.
Feel free to include this new and exciting effect in your shows. Imagine all the creative possibilities you can explore with it.

Toon Balloon

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Customer Reviews

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Kornpop Mccullough

Toon Balloon by Gustavo Raley


I just had a chance to use “Toon Balloon” this morning at a day camp. They loved it! When the balloon started making comments to me, all of the kids (more than 20 of them) thought it was so funny and were laughing out loud.
I at first thought it was a little overpriced, but in the long run is worth it because I will get a lot of mileage out of this funny little trick.
If you do a lot of children’s shows (like I do), I recommend “Toon Balloon”.
Bruce Hunt (Merlin the Magician)
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Allan Lawayne Adcock
fantastic item

received my order in a very prompt fashion I was excited I opened it took it in started putting it together and really enjoy it I will use this in my fairs and my festivals I do ventriloquism and magic thank you

Mark Green
Next Level Balloon Magic

Great Idea. Gimmicks do the job. This may replace the talking white board with something more personable. Wish there was a full-length performance in the tutorial. Getting into this requires more routine than promo suggests. Only had this a week but working on it. Expect great reactions.