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VIRUS 2.0 by Saymon

VIRUS 2.0 by Saymon

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If you've always wanted to read people's minds using something that everyone already carries with them every day, look no further.

With just your phone you can guess absolutely anything the spectators are thinking such as: names, numbers, drawings, places, pin codes, whatever you want!

After almost 3 years of development, Virus 2.0 now comes with two different applications that allow you to read anyone's mind at any time and anywhere.

The groundbreaking concept behind the first app allows you to reveal any visual information captured by your spectator's mind such as movies, drawings, playing cards, locations, random images from your photo gallery, and beyond.

Introducing our Second App, comes with a diabolical secret allowing you to guess any number or word thought by your spectators, with it you will be able to guess names, credit card pin codes, star signs, cell phone passwords among other endless possibilities, all this in the fairest and cleanest way possible.

Get an instant view of their thoughts at the touch of a button, and the thrilling part? They'll NEVER suspect you're using your cell phone to access their minds.

You'll find this new function in the folder called (DEVILS) where you'll have access to our newest resource with all the instructions, links, routines, scripts, ideas for effects and more..

When you buy this project, both apps are included. Remember that for those who bought the first version, which contained only one of the two apps you will have access to, all the lessons have been re-recorded, bringing much more detail with new routines, support materials, links, etc.

Check out some of the things you'll have access to below:
  • 16 amazing routines
  • 9 PDF'S books - 135 pages total
  • 6 videos explanations
  • 2 different apps
  • 1 special bonus
You can enjoy the best of all these features.

1. App for both Android/ IOS
2. App available (Android only)
  • No Bluetooth or internet required
  • No words, numbers or images restrictions
  • No forces of any kind
  • No phone restriction
  • No duo reality
  • No fishing
Take a look at some of the INCREDIBLE ROUTINES you'll have access to:

Drawing Duplication
You show the spectator your photo gallery with several different drawings and as they scroll through the images you ask them to concentrate and to think of one of the drawings they saw , they can even keep scrolling to other drawings, they lock the phone and return the phone to you. So you and the spectator secretly do a drawing on a paper and when revealed, they both match! An impossible effect that they will remember for a long time.

Card Divination
Using a similar concept, they go to your gallery and see all the 52 cards in the deck, they go through the cards and think of any one they like, and you know it a 100% what card they're thinking of, they don't need to click on the card they're thinking of, they can even keep going to other cards and you know what card they thought.

Let's Watch A Movie
This is an amazing routine that you guess exactly what movie your spectator is thinking of, without forces, reality and nothing written down, you will even be able to give detailed descriptions about the movie he/she is thinking of.

You also will learn a technique to guess any word the spectator is thinking, you can apply this concept to guess names, places, songs or any other kind of word you like, They will swear you really can read their minds.

Guessing numbers thought by the spectator is part of every mentalist's repertoire, and in this session you will learn amazing routines.

Between 1 & 1000
The spectator thinks of a number between 1 and 1000 and you guess 100% of the time what this number is.

Can you ever imagine being able to guess birthdays not only of your spectator, but of anyone else they can think of? That is exactly what you will learn here!

I Can Do It Credit Card Pin
An insane divination of your spectator's credit card pin code, you can also use this routine to guess passwords he has just made up in his mind.

The Whisper
An insane divination of your spectator's credit card pin number, you can also use this routine to guess passwords he has just thought of.

Have you ever thought of becoming a hacker and cracking WiFi passwords? This routine gives you exactly this ability to accurately guess anyone's WiFi password, inside this lesson I also talk a little bit more about how this whole project was created.

Multiple Divination
Why guess what the other person is thinking if you can guess what several people are thinking and all at the same time. In this class you will learn how to guess multiple drawings and multiple different pieces of information thought by the audience.


PDF Book Routines

1.What Are The Odds?
An invisible method for you to guess in an impossible way your spectator's phone pin code.

2.Switched Phone (Comic Version)
An alternative and comical way to guess your spectators phone passwords, first they will laugh then go crazy without understanding how you did it.

3.Bank Account (Pin And Balance)
A clever and entertaining way to guess the PIN and balance of an imaginary credit card that your spectator is holding, without forces, just an amazing tool and a leap of faith.

4.Between Signs And Birthdays
Why only guess the star sign while you can also tell the exact day your spectator was born and not only his but everyone in the room as well, an amazing routine in which all will be amazed.

5.The Forgetting Principle
Forget all the techniques and principles of mentalism you've seen out there, when it comes to guessing what people are thinking in the cleanest possible way there is no better way, a secret technique that I only shared in my most recent book How to Read Minds, if you want to raise your level of mentalism this method is for you.

PS: All of these 5 effects listed above have been adapted to our newest feature and you can get the best out of these routines in our folder called Devils, there you'll find all 5 effects along with a video demonstrating of how you can do these effects in the cleanest and most impossible way.

However amazing these tools may seem, as a mentalist you know the real secret lies not just in how you obtain the information your spectator is thinking, but how you present it is also very important.

That's why we've developed and carefully selected these routines, crafting presentation scripts for each one, infusing perfect meaning into every action and word spoken to your audience.

From how you introduce the effect to how you instantaneously and completely invisibly obtain these thought-of pieces of information, right up to revealing what they are thinking.

The idea isn't to have you repeat word for word, but to help you grasp the essence of each nuance, allowing you to adapt to your unique presentation style.

If you've made it this far and aim to forge deep connections by guessing absolutely anything your spectator is thinking, you already know what to do. See you on the other side.

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