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X Light by Kingsley Xu

X Light by Kingsley Xu

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When you swing the luminous magic wand, a small, graceful feather materializes. Discover the magic of X Light, where creativity and wonder combine to create fascinating theatrical magic.

Imagine this: You create a gentle glow by holding a magic wand and gracefully sweeping it across the air. A feather appears in the light's brightness as it arises and hangs there in midair.

The spectators watch as the feather gradually emerges from the soft glow. The total effect gives your audience a singular, captivating, amazing real-life experience, much like a painstakingly crafted video montage.

Furthermore, X Light may be easily incorporated into a variety of stage performances, including those that feature silk scarves that change color or feathers that vanish.

Key Features
  • Elevated craftsmanship for stage magic
  • Contains fundamental techniques, structured sequences, and professional routines.
  • Effortless operation with a powerful impact
  • Set up in just 38 seconds
  • Adaptable for various performance settings: small theaters, stage acts, or short video recordings
What's Included
  • A sturdy and durable 3D-printed magic wand
  • A white feather
  • Multiple petite feathers
  • A high-quality puller mechanism
  • A white silk

: This product enables you to perform the Magic Wand Lumination and the production/vanish/transformation of feather/silk effects. Some effects shown in the trailer involve integrating this product with other common stage effects like the Appearing Wand or smoke production. The required gimmicks for these additional effects, such as a smoke machine, are NOT included with this product.
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great products ( complete with a lot of props )
thank you